Friday, May 22, 2009

Good night for a BBQ

Great deal on Kingsford charcoal, KC Masterpiece BBQ sauce and pork.

HERE a great link for $6 off pork when you buy Kingsford charcoal and 1 participating product. Thanks to Moms By Heart!

Here is a scenario for you:
At Savemart today 18lb bags of Kingsford are on sale for $7.99. KC Masterpiece on sale for $1.99 is FREE when you buy the charcoal. Then use your $6 off pork coupon. I did and got 2 pork loin roasts for $3.00!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Savemart Sweep

So I had a stellar trip to Savemart yesterday. I won't bore you with the whole list again. You can see a scan of my receipt below. But I can tell you that between sales and coupons I saved 61%. $19.58 in manufacture coupons plus I earned a $3 register reward. Also I had a $5 off $50 store coupon. My checker was nice enough to use that coupon BEFORE my manufacture coupons. LOVE HER!! So all told, $66.64 worth of groceries for $23.04 out of pocket. Cha Ching!

There is one deal that stands out that I must explain to you. It looked like this:

~Kraft BBQ sauce on sale 4 for $5. Not free, but this sale include bottles that have 55% more so a good deal if you unit price. 3 of these.
~Kraft salad dressing on sale for $1.99. 1 of these.
~Fresh Chicken leg quarters on sale for $.99lb. apx 4.5lbs

Now the coupons:
$1 off Kraft BBQ sauce x3
$1.50 Kraft Salad Dressing x1
$2 off fresh meat when you buy 1 Kraft salad dressing and 2 other Kraft products!These were on display in the store. Savemart is a great place to find coupons.

4.5 lbs of chicken, 1 bottle of Kraft balsamic vinaigrette and 3 BIG bottles of Kraft BBQ sauce for $3.82! Cha Ching!

My checker had to get an override because my savings was more than 50% of my bill!!
I almost curtsied at the check stand.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Target Brag

So the couponing has really been paying off this week. My daughter has encouraged me to write about it here, instead of constantly explaining it to her. So here goes,

Yesterday I went to Target. Using the information I got from Money Saving Mom I accomplished this.

1 12 pack Cottenelle Double Roll Toilet Paper
1 Box Huggies Wipes 72 count
1 Oral B Baby Stages Toothpaste
1 Can Skinmates shave gel
2 boxes of rosemary triscuits
1 box velveeta shells and cheese
1 container target brand sweet potato snacks
4 tubes travel size coppertone sunscreen
3 bottles of kraft blue cheese dressing
2 bottles kraft mayo with olive oil
1 travel size sponge bob colgate toothpaste
1 box kellogs frosted miniwheats
2 boxes rasin bran.

I have been hunting and I can't find my original receipt. I can tell you that the original total was close to $45.
After coupons $9.88!

Target is a fantastic place to use coupons. If you have never done it you should! Target accepts manufacture coupons from the Sunday paper as well authentic internet printable coupons. They also release their own coupons which you can combine or "stack" with a manufacture coupon. Line this up with a sale, and pow! Free stuff! I print my Target coupons at Hot Coupon World. Their generator allows me to print as many Target coupons as I want and groups them together on one sheet of paper.

Today I cleaned up at Savemart. I'll tell you how later!